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1. All dealers must complete an application and be approved by Dealers Auto Auction prior to participation as a buyer or seller.


2. Auction is open to licensed dealer ONLY. NO retail customers.


3. NO children allowed in attendance.

4. All transactions must clear through Dealers Auto Auction’s office. This is for your protection. (Dealers Auto Auction is not a party to the contract of a sale.)

5. The following type units must be announced by the seller:


     B)Taxicabs, police cars, flood cars, rebuilt vehicles, salvage              vehicles. (Any previously rebuilt or salvage titles must be reported to the auction within 14 working days of the sale.)


6. Frame damage units must be reported to Dealers Auto Auction within two (2) working days following the sale.


7. Cracked block units must be reported to Dealers Auto Auction within 24 hours following the sale.


8. Air bags must be reported to Dealers Auto Auction within 48 hours following the sale.


9. This sale does not announce catalytic converters or pollution control devices. It is Buyer’s responsibility to check for these items BEFORE BIDDING on vehicles.


10. Any adjustments or rejections must be made the day of the sale.


11. Checks or Drafts returned for non-payment will result in a $100, per transaction, penalty.


12. Dealers Auto Auction in not liable for stolen items, such as radios, hubcaps, antennas, etc. Dealers Auto Auction is not responsible for anti-freeze, fire, theft or damage of any kind while on Auction premises.


13. Dealers Auto Auction does not make any representation regarding mileage on vehicles. The odometer reading on the bill of sale is as represented by the seller at the time the vehicle is delivered to the Auction. Seller must announce if over 100,000 miles.


14. It is seller’s responsibility to ensure the year model and odometer information written on the vehicle is correct.


15. Dealers Auto Auction will not be responsible for the delivery, transfer, or validity of warranties. All warranties are those of the seller only. The auction makes no warranties, implied or expressed.


16. All vehicles delivered to the auction are subject to inspection by the State Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the National Auto Theft Bureau. All vehicles delivered to the Auction must have a serial number plate. The Auction will not knowingly offer for sale of any vehicle , which does not comply with current federal and state regulations. ABSOLUTELY NO CUT MILES CARS TOLERATED AT THIS AUCTION.


17. Arbitration on drive train motor-only, transmission, rear end, front wheel drive. No arbitration on electrical accessories, cruise control, power windows, power locks, air conditioners, moon roofs, etc. VISIBLE DEFECTS AND GLASS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR ARBITRATION. ALL COMPLAINTS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO ARBITRATION WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF PURCHASE. A vehicle is not subject to arbitration unless repairs exceed $400.




19. Every effort will be made to make every sale final. In the event a vehicle is rejected, it is the responsibility of the seller. The car may be re-run immediately. Cars must be rejected on the date of the sale.


20. Any vehicle with 75,000 miles or more cannot be arbitrated for blow-by.


21. All diesel conversions must be specifically announced.


22. Seller should have units gassed-up and in working order to be driven through the Auction.


23. Dealers Auto Auction does not guarantee year, mileage, or condition of recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles, etc.


24. Please stay with your units until they are properly consigned.


25. Dealers Auto Auction reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.


26. All vehicles must have a gate pass to exit Auction premises.


27. Buyer and Seller agree to hold Dealers Auto Auction harmless from any and all litigation that may arise from transactions at the Auction.


28. Seller must represent vehicle or it will be run at end of sale.


29. SALE IS FINAL upon signature of buyer.


30. AS IS is defined as “in present condition without any mechanical guarantee.” Final bid owns the vehicle. Rebuilt/Salvage titles, flood cars and incorrect odometer reading are the only items that have to be announced on AS IS vehicles.


31. All vehicles sold for $2,500 or less are AS IS.


32. Any and all re-runs are sold AS IS.


33. Seller has 30 calendar days to produce a title. If the buyer has not received the title within this 30 day period and wishes to return the vehicle to the Auction he must contact the Auction on or about the 30th day. After notification of his intent to return the vehicle, the buyer has 48 hours to deliver the vehicle to Dealers Auto Auction. Neither Dealers Auto Auction nor the seller shall be liable for any cost of repairs or other expenses incurred by buyer in the event title is not delivered and vehicle is returned by buyer.

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